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It’s almost been a year
Since you left this world
Leaving behind a legacy
In the world of Music
Your melodic vocals
Your high pitch screaming
Still chimes
It’s tough to overcome the grief
It’s hard to believe
You are gone
Your music helped me to,
rejoice during my worst times
Now, you had fallen away
We were expecting more
Before this unexpected happened
Don’t think I can ever be enthusiastic
For any record by other artists
We embrace the songs you lit,
With your impeccable voice
As you always said
We’ll celebrate the life
For what it has given us.

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The Soul

The Shimmer of rays woke me up
On a beautiful spring morning
Been a long time since I was in the village
A village that made me who I am
Women woke up to the Cockerels’ sound
Began feeding the cattle
And decorating the front yard
The Farmer and his faithful friend
Started off to the fields
With the cattle marching in the front
For it was time to give life to the harvest
Nature and farmer living in harmony
Supporting each other when needed
The chirping of sparrows
The Whistle of a thrush
The astounding craftwork of Baya Weaver
Peacocks’ magnificent display of colours
The hoot of an owl
The luck bringing Indian Roller
The innocence of a calf
The colourful butterflies
The intelligent Monkeys’
The pristine morning sky
The scent of the morning
Bring on pure nostalgia
Walking through the green meadows
Trying to catch dragonflies
Climbing trees
Devouring fruits
In the nature, with nature
Nature is God
Finally, reached the pool
Where I swam when I was a kid
On seeing pure water,
I leapt into the pool
For some reason, It didn’t feel the same
I realised I miss my childhood
The saplings I planted once
Have grown tall and big
Sheltering hundreds of birds
I felt welcomed
The sun’s going down
Once again the chirping began
Birds reaching their young ones
With the little they found to feed
I returned to the village
Along with the memories to cherish
Suddenly, A shiver went down my spine
A realisation hit me too soon
I had to leave the village for the town
With my soul left behind


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I’m home jotting down

My experience of nervous breakdown

Cursing the force that’s pulling me down

While listening to System of a down

Memories keep haunting me

Hope stops embracing me

Words are insufficient

To elaborate the incident

Pain, pain go away

Come again some other day

I’m busy fixing

My fucking life

Oh, God!

My fingers are trembling

My body is shaking

My mind is aching

In to air, flying bits of paper

To a corner, went the parker

Fell on the floor, is the body

End of the story

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The hot summer tiredness

New moon day’s darkness

The stars are sprinkling photons

The trees are directing cool breeze

I cannot eat, I cannot sleep tonight

What could be the darkest world,

That I imagine this pitch night?

Is it the demons sucking blood or

Is it the people around you or

Is it the unknown pain?

Perhaps, It is inconceivable or

It is me destroying my brain

Overthinking to hide the pain

When there’s nothing to gain

I do not want to act anymore

I do not want to answer anyone

The sun is bright

The photons showered warmth

Dawned on me, a new life

I woke up to begin a new ride

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For a while now, I have been reading Sophie’s world which I feel is the best introductory book on philosophy. Learning philosophy mean rejuvenating ourselves, looking ourselves in a completely different world. The book defines philosophy as something that leaves us in the sense of wonder. I felt it is entirely right after reading great philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Rene Descartes, Spinoza to mention a few. All of them are independent thinkers who tried to use their reason to understand the natural world.

From a world of independent thinkers to a world of dependent thinkers, the transition has been rapid. Yes, we depend too much on others or on something else to comprehend a concept or an issue. For example, a 17th-century man had used his reason to sort out why an apple falls. But a man of the 21st-century would google the concept rather than striving to understand the concept using his reason. We live in a world where everyone is connected, and everything is one click away. Where is the sense of wonder in knowing something alien to us?

The sense of wonder is an innate ability of everyone. A child questions everything surrounding him. As he/she grows, unknowingly loses interest to ask questions. Finally, it develops into a situation where the individual seldom uses the reason to find answers. And this is more evident in the current world.

Our education system is designed to meet the standards mentioned above. Notably, in countries like India where there is a considerable population who don’t get to see the school, it is foolish to talk about the ideal school. But some people know the need of a perfect school which pushes the students to use their reason. I used to think it is the responsibility of the teachers and the school to guide students into the right way of thinking up until I conversed with my school principal (Now I’m pursuing my B-Tech 3rd year). I realised that there are many factors like parental care, parents having awareness on the way child thinks, environment etc. So, it takes all these aspects along with the school and teachers to nurture a child. When the fundamental ideals during childhood are not right, even the best schools and teachers who knew the power of reason may not change a child.

Maturity also plays a key role. For example, maybe because of the lack of support from factors mentioned above, I had no maturity to not go through the rote way of learning. But now I realise that I should have acted in a better way. When this realisation hits, when there is literature out there to change one’s attitude, there is a possibility of looking at things with distinct perspective. It takes an effort to come out of the routine and practice the art of reasoning.

If you are someone who had been through ideal schooling encompassing the factors mentioned above, you are lucky.

If you are not, then what is your plan?





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Roller coaster of emotions

It was 6.30 Am. Been more than an hour since I woke up. My heart was racing with the clock. I knew I was gonna cherish this moment forever.

It’s been more than three months since our beloved Chester left us in darkness. Amid this roller coaster of emotions, to shower light upon darkness, Linkinpark announced a tribute concert “Linkinpark and friends celebrate life in honor of Chester Bennington”. 

I probably cannot put my emotions on a piece of paper. There was not even a single day I slept off without listening to his amazing voice. The show was live on youtube in the early hours of 28th October 2017. The show started off with a piano piece by Mike Shinoda. Hats off to him. He pulled off the show amazingly well without breaking down. It was very tough for a band who lost frontman to come onto the stage. This showed the respect they had towards the fans. 

I was very grateful, In fact, every Linkinpark fan is really grateful to all the artists who rocked stage to honor Chester. The toughest part was to control emotions when I saw other artists singing songs that once had been performed by Chester. The show hit emotional pinnacle when the band played Numb.

Mike wrote and sang a ballad “Looking for an answer”. This song reflected what he had been through after Chester’s demise. Throughout the show, the band cheered the crowd. More than 20 artists took the show forward. The three-hour electrifying performance came to an end when all the artists sang “Bleed it out”. They played 31 songs, and it was very good to see artist’s respect towards Linkinpark.

There was no announcement regarding the future of the band. Mike hinted, “We do not know where we are going”. I hope they create music together forever. 

All in all, the concert was emotional as well as joyful. It indeed lifted up the souls of fans as well as Linkinpark. Chester left us, but not his voice and the hope he gave us. Anyone who wanna come out of depression and need a person to talk, there’s a seat here alongside me.

#fuckdepression #Makechesterproud

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The Journey

I often think the rich have no problems, none whatsoever, up until I stumbled upon a gentleman on the bus.

I was in a hurry to reach my home. It was pouring heavily, I rushed into the bus to find one empty seat at the back. Oh, God! How I hate sitting at the back. I took my seat next to an old man who is probably in his sixties. He was well dressed and seemed to be a highly educated person, but his face radiated tense and gloominess. As usual, I made myself comfortable and began to read a book.

Suddenly, he glanced at the book ‘A tale of two cities’ and gave a sigh of relief. In no time we found ourselves discussing the greatness of the book, for he had read it thrice. It was one of my favorite and a true masterpiece by Charles Dickens.

Gradually, he began drawing anecdotes of his life. I made no attempt to get back to the book, as his story was equally interesting. His life story was a typical rag to riches one. He earned sufficient enough to fill his life with luxuries and comforts. At this point, I thought to myself, Why this tense and melancholy expression in his face? I wish I could ask him, but I dared not.

Halfway through the journey, he himself revealed what I wanted from him, as is he had heard my inner voice.

“My wife died recently,”  he muttered, “Now that I am old, I retired from my business. I bequeathed all assets to my children. Though I’m relieved from my work, I feel distressed and gloomy for no reason. I tried to figure out what went wrong”. He took a sip of water and continued, ” In the process of making money I’ve forgotten the core principles, ideas, and hobbies that made me. I kind of knew I was wrong, but I can’t help myself. Now that I’m free from all the obstacles, I want live by reviving good old memories. I embark on this bus journey to begin my new phase of life”. 

My stop had come, and I bade adieu. I need not say I was amazed as well as learned few lessons during the journey. Don’t you think our life would be pleasant if we carry our core values, ethics, hobbies, and memories throughout our life?